Saturday, October 6, 2012

New product: Flo-N-Gro "Gro Momma" Bubble Bucket

Titan Controls has come out with an all-inclusive Bubble Bucket system.  This method of growing is not a new one, people have been making their own DIY deep water culture (DWC) buckets for years.  However, this is a nice, affordable, all-in-one kit that takes the time and effort out of piecemeal'ing it.  For $35.00, the same price as all of the individual components (dual air pump, air stone, tubing, grommets, fittings, net pot lid, expanded clay pellets, etc.), you can buy one single kit that comes conveniently inside the 5-gallon bucket, with all of the connections in place to add more buckets if you want to.

DWC is one of the easiest hydroponic systems for those who are just getting started with hydroponic gardening.  All of the water and nutrients for the plant are kept in the 5 gallon bucket reservoir, an air stone attached to an air pump is oxygenating the solution so you never have standing water (standing water breeds fungus and bacteria that can be very detrimental to your plants, especially their root systems).  Your plant is in the net pod lid, with its roots being held in place by expanded clay pellets.  Expanded clay holds a very minimal amount of water and your solution will be very aerated, so your plant's roots will have a lot of contact with oxygen.  The rate of growth in a system like this is VERY fast, which is the main reason why it is considered a favorite over growing in soil.


  1. You can't just put Your Rooted plants in this! they have to have roots long enough to reach the water before this works.

    1. The bucket is labeled with 2 different fill lines, a "Plant Start Water Fill Line" which is higher, for smaller, more recently rooted plants, and a "Mature Plant Water Fill Line" for plants with more established root systems. Plant roots seek water, so even if they are a little higher than the fill line, they will sense the water below and grow into it. Plants with any size of a root system will do very well in this growing system.