Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canna Aqua Pebbles - Replacement for Hydroton

Hydroton, the popular expanded clay growing medium, has been discontinued.  The company that manufactured it has closed their clay mine in Germany due to issues with the quality of the medium.  Many companies are quickly trying to fill the void with subpar products.  After trying out a few different brands in order to find the best substitute, we've decided that our replacement for Hydroton is Canna's AQUA PEBBLES.  This medium comes pre-washed with far less dust than the previous product and the current competitor's products, so the first step of rinsing is virtually eliminated.  The shape and size of the clay allows for the same great aeration that we're used to.  We've already done our own series of tests and we are very happy that the quality of Aqua Pebbles stands up to the same excellent quality of all Canna products and work great with their Aqua line of nutrients.

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