Friday, July 1, 2016

CLOSED - July 4th Weekend

We will be closed for the July 4th weekend.  We will reopen Tuesday, July 5th.  Enjoy the holiday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Products We Love: Active Eye Growroom Lenses

The yellow/red color spectrum that fruiting and flowering plants need for optimal fruit/flower production is great for them, but not-so-great for our eyes.  High pressure sodium lamps create UV which can degrade our vision over time.  They also change the way the plants look to us, which makes it difficult to detect problems and deficiencies.  Hydrofarm's Active Eye Growroom Lenses are an inexpensive way to avoid all of that.  They block out the UV rays from your HPS lights and make your plants appear as they should.  They retail for $19.95, which is lower than most of the other HPS-light-correcting glasses on the market.  Keep a pair in your grow room and protect your eyes while working.

Looking through them at our peppers growing under an HPS light.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Seed Picks

Our 2016 seeds are in and (as always) they're 100% organic and non-GMO from High Mowing Organic Seeds.  Every year we try and select a unique collection of seeds, specifically heirloom varieties and odd strains that you won't find in your typical garden center.  Here are our some of our picks for this year:

Watermelon Radish - A great early spring and fall crop, white radishes with hints of green and pink centers like a watermelon.

Shanghai Green Pac Choy - Open-pollenated with densely packed spoon-shaped green leaves with light green stems.  We like it because it can be spaced more closely than bok choy which makes it great for city gardens, hydroponic systems and any place with space constraints.

Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Beans - Produce 6"-8" thin French filet beans, these guys yield a lot if you pick as soon as you see fruit and often.  

Honey Nut Butternut Squash - Smaller than most butternut varieties, which makes it perfect for small garden plots or indoor gardening.  Uniform shape, with tan skin when it's planted early.

Veronica Romanesco - This northern Italian variety of cauliflower is great to eat but the main draw for us is how cool it looks - the heads form many little fractals, like tiny sandcastles.  The heads of this particular type grow chartreuse in the cool weather or white with a tinge of pink in the heat.  

High Mowing Mesclun Mix - An all-in-one mix of lettuces and mustard greens, it takes the work out of choosing!

We also brought back some favorites like the Chioggia Guardsmark Beets, Santo Cilantro, Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas, King of the North Peppers (one of the best: early ripening bells specifically for the north east), High Mowing's Common Sage and Pirat Butterhead Lettuce.  Stop in and check out our selection and our seed-starting supplies.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Outdoor Growing Season is Upon Us...

...and that means time to get some new growing media!  Below are the different soils and soilless mixes we keep in stock (click the links to learn more about each product):


Canna Terra Professional Plus, a blend of peat moss, coco coir and tree bark with a 1-2 week starter charge of nutrients (perlite-free for those who don't like to see the "white dots" in their garden).

Roots Organic Original Potting Soil, a nutrient-rich organic soil mix with all the "good stuff" already built in.

Foxfarm Ocean Forest, a nitrogen-heavy soil blend with a 1-month charge of nutrients for growing plants.

Foxfarm Happy Frog, a more general-purpose potting soil than Ocean Forest, with more nutrients for the overall life-cycle of your plants (not specifically just the vegetative stage).


Coco coir: Canna Coco 50L bags and expandable Coco Bricks, the best quality coco coir out there for excellent drainage and unmatched nutrient holding abilities.

Pro-Mix BX Mycorrhizae, a blend of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, lime, a wetting agent and mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi that increase your root zone size and health).  Nutrient-free to give you full control and flexibility.  We stock it in an economy sized 3.8 cubic foot bale for a great price (check our Sales and Specials page).

Grodan Grow-Cubes, 1/4" cubes of Rockwool that can be mixed into any soil or soilless mix, or used alone in place of them.  

We also carry soil amendments like perlite (for drainage) and vermiculite (for water retention), and Happy Frog Soil Conditioner to replenish and recharge your pre-existing soil.

If there is a soil that you use that you don't see here, ask us.  We can always special order items for you.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, every customer today gets a free pack of organic, non-GMO seeds of their choice!  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New and updated EZ-Clone 128

The EZ-Clone 128 site cloning machine has been updated.  Check out the flyer below for a look at the new design and a list of the new features.  These are in stock in both of our locations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Come take part in our raffle!

As part of our 20th Anniversary week, we're holding a raffle.  We're giving away:

- 1 1000W Double-Ending Lighting System (1 Sunlight Supply AC/DE 8" Reflector, 1 Galaxy DE Select-A-Watt Ballast, 1 Ushio 1000W DE Lamp)

- 1 6"x16" Can-Lite Carbon Filter, 1 6" Max Pro Series 3-Speed Fan combination

- 2 $250 store gift certificates

You can earn 1 ticket for every $50 you spend, or tickets are available for purchase for $1/each.  Proceeds from the raffle will go toward the NYC Parks Department Green Thumb Youth Leadership Council program (for more information, visit their website).  The drawing will be held at our anniversary party in Nyack on Saturday, January 9th.