Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Outdoor Growing Season is Upon Us...

...and that means time to get some new growing media!  Below are the different soils and soilless mixes we keep in stock (click the links to learn more about each product):


Canna Terra Professional Plus, a blend of peat moss, coco coir and tree bark with a 1-2 week starter charge of nutrients (perlite-free for those who don't like to see the "white dots" in their garden).

Roots Organic Original Potting Soil, a nutrient-rich organic soil mix with all the "good stuff" already built in.

Foxfarm Ocean Forest, a nitrogen-heavy soil blend with a 1-month charge of nutrients for growing plants.

Foxfarm Happy Frog, a more general-purpose potting soil than Ocean Forest, with more nutrients for the overall life-cycle of your plants (not specifically just the vegetative stage).


Coco coir: Canna Coco 50L bags and expandable Coco Bricks, the best quality coco coir out there for excellent drainage and unmatched nutrient holding abilities.

Pro-Mix BX Mycorrhizae, a blend of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, lime, a wetting agent and mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi that increase your root zone size and health).  Nutrient-free to give you full control and flexibility.  We stock it in an economy sized 3.8 cubic foot bale for a great price (check our Sales and Specials page).

Grodan Grow-Cubes, 1/4" cubes of Rockwool that can be mixed into any soil or soilless mix, or used alone in place of them.  

We also carry soil amendments like perlite (for drainage) and vermiculite (for water retention), and Happy Frog Soil Conditioner to replenish and recharge your pre-existing soil.

If there is a soil that you use that you don't see here, ask us.  We can always special order items for you.

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