Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Products We Love: Active Eye Growroom Lenses

The yellow/red color spectrum that fruiting and flowering plants need for optimal fruit/flower production is great for them, but not-so-great for our eyes.  High pressure sodium lamps create UV which can degrade our vision over time.  They also change the way the plants look to us, which makes it difficult to detect problems and deficiencies.  Hydrofarm's Active Eye Growroom Lenses are an inexpensive way to avoid all of that.  They block out the UV rays from your HPS lights and make your plants appear as they should.  They retail for $19.95, which is lower than most of the other HPS-light-correcting glasses on the market.  Keep a pair in your grow room and protect your eyes while working.

Looking through them at our peppers growing under an HPS light.

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