Friday, September 21, 2012

New/Old Product: EZ-Clone Hard Neoprene Collars

Awhile ago, EZ-Clone changed their replacement neoprene collars from their original firm neoprene to a softer, more flexible neoprene.  The change was made because the softer collars were found to be more gentle on the stems of cuttings, so that they didn't squeeze them during the cloning process.  We received very mixed reviews of the new product.  Some people were happy with the change because they noticed damage to their cuttings with the original collars.  Others were unhappy with the durability of the new collars, saying that the slits quickly became stretched and couldn't hold a plant up, and they needed to replace them much more often than before.  EZ-Clone listened to the mixed feedback and responded by reintroducing the firmer neoprene replacement collars.  All new EZ-Clone machines will continue to come with the soft neoprenes but the hard ones are available for purchase separately.  We currently have the soft collars in packs of 35 and the hard collars in packs of 65 (a more round number for those using the 60 and 120-site machines).

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