Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Products We Love: Xtreme Gardening's Line of Beneficials

Beneficials are often overlooked in nutrient regimens, and the benefits FAR outweigh the costs.  Xtreme Gardening's line of beneficials is pretty complete and easy to add into any feeding/nutrient regimen you're already using.

Mykos is a pure Mycorrhizal inoculant.  Add it to any soil or growing medium to improve root growth, ease transplant shock and increase nutrient absorption.  It also comes in a wettable powder (WP) for use in water (mix it into your water with or without your other nutrients before watering your plants, or add it to your hydroponic system).

Azos is a very unique beneficial bacteria that makes nitrogen from the air processable for plants while also increasing the root zone.  This is great when starting seedlings and cuttings because the plants are getting "grow food" (nitrogen) naturally, so they're getting off to a great start before they're big enough to start getting fed actual nutrients.

Their tea brews are not only very easy to make, but they help with overall plant health and vigor while also breaking down other nutrients and making them more available to your plants.  The tea brews come in two parts: the "brew" and the activator.   If you don't have a tea brewer, you can make your own with a five gallon bucket, an air pump, air tubing and air stone.  Add tea brew to water, then add activator, then allow to "brew" for 24 hours for flowering plants or 48 hours for growing plants.

There is also CalCarb, which is a calcium based foliar spray for enhanced leaf and cell growth.

All of their products are compatible with almost all growing mediums and nutrient lines, so adding them to your schedule will only make your plants perform better.  Come in for some more info and to try some free samples.

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