Monday, August 25, 2014

CO2 Enrichment = 20-30% Increased Yields

We're nearing the end of summer in the Northeast, which means it's time to start planning your winter indoor gardens.  The outdoor heat isn't as much of an issue during the winter, which makes it a perfect time to start considering the addition of a CO2 generator.  Plants breathe CO2 the same way we breathe oxygen and, when the CO2 levels are properly maintained (typically at 1500 PPM, or Parts Per Million), CO2 enrichment provides a 20-30% increase in yields, completely naturally.  The reason we recommend using generators in the winter (rather than in the summer) is because CO2 is generated by burning either natural gas or propane, which obviously creates heat.  However if you have adequate cooling in your space, this shouldn't be an issue and you can probably run CO2 all year long with no problem.  Plus, generators are the the most efficient means of CO2 enrichment.  If sized properly, they will bring your CO2 up to the desired levels and keep it there, much quicker and more accurately than when using a CO2 tank or natural CO2 bucket/pad.

Green Air Products, who are one of the first companies in our industry to focus on CO2 enrichment and environmental controls, has just introduced the first series of multi-fuel-source CO2 generators (they can run off of propane OR natural gas) which also use efficient infrared technology.  Plus Green Air's CO2 generators have holes to insert optional cooling tubes, which can be incorporated into your exhaust ducting to remove excess heat out of your growing space.  They also feature an electronic ignition, so when they're off, they're 100% off.  There is no pilot light so gas isn't being wasted, unnecessary heat isn't being created and they're extremely safe to use.

Maintaining the optimum CO2 levels for maximum production is easy.  Green Air also makes a Set Point Controller that allows you to set the CO2 level that you would like to be maintained in your garden (like we said, typically 1500 PPM), and will only turn the generator on if the levels dip below your set point.  Once your CO2 levels are back at the desired setting, it triggers the generator to turn off.  This way, you won't have to worry about wasting gas or your CO2 levels going too high.  Another added bonus is that it gives you a digital read-out of what the exact PPM of CO2 is in your garden at any given time.  

These are just a few products we offer in terms of CO2 enrichment.  There are still the traditional CO2 generators that run off of either Propane OR Natural Gas (not both), and have standard burners instead of infrared technology.  If you'd like to run CO2 without using a generator, we sell CO2 tanks and regulators and CO2 Boost natural CO2 buckets, as well as other options for monitoring and controlling your CO2 levels. 

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