Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Product: Clonex Cloning Kit

Cloning plants, rather than starting from seed each time, not only cuts weeks off of your growing cycle, but guarantees consistent results.  Every seed has a different genetic makeup, regardless of if they are from the same strain of plant (or even the exact same plant).  Some grow taller, some grow wider, some are resistant to disease and fungus while some aren't, some provide large yields while others provide smaller yields, they're all different.  Growers go through endless trials and errors to find the best, heaviest yielding, strongest, hardiest plants...and once they do, cloning is the easiest way to ensure that those genetics will not be lost forever.  All cloning should be done while the plants are still in the vegetative stage, so when starting new seeds we always recommend planning ahead.  Let the seedlings grow up to about a foot, take a clone or two, grow the clones to about a foot and flower them instead, while keeping the original plant that started from seed in the vegetative (grow) stage.  That way you always have a strong stock-plant (aka: a "Mom" or "Mother") just in case it turns out to be a plant you'd like to keep and work with again.  If starting multiple seeds at the same time, make sure to label everything so there is no confusion as to which plants are which and what cuttings came from what plant.

For first time cloners (or experienced cloners who are looking for better results), Hydrodynamics has come out with an all-in-one kit with everything you need to make your cloning successful.  For $29.95 you get:

- a packet of Clonex Gel that will be enough to dip about 50 cuttings in (dip them immediately after taking the cutting)
- an 8 oz. bottle of Clonex Cloning Solution (mix with water to pre-soak your medium/starter cubes in or use in the water of your cloning machine)
- a 100mL spray bottle of their brand new product Clonex Mist (spray on your mother plant about a week or 2 before you start taking cuttings, and then mist your cuttings with it during the rooting process) which has been shown to produce roots 30% faster, with 156% more roots than if you mist with water alone
- a small glass to portion your cloning gel out into (you never want to dip directly into the container to avoid contamination)
- a small tray to prepare your cuttings on
- a postcard with instructions on how to clone

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