Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter blues? Grow indoors with a DarkRoom tent!

It's 10 degrees in New York right now and we're harvesting hot peppers.

If you miss your garden in the winter, set one up indoors!  You don't need to wait for your favorite produce to be "in season" anymore.  Grow your own, any time.  If you don't have an extra room to use, DarkRoom grow tents can transform any unused corner into an indoor garden.  They are very easy to set up/take down and fold up neatly for storage and transportation.  They offer a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 3'x2'x2' (the Propagator) to as large as 10'x10'x6'7" (the DarkRoom II 300).  For even larger tents (with stronger frames) check out their Intense line.  Once you know what size space you'd like to work with, we can help you decide what equipment to fill it with!  Not all tents are created equal, either.  We love the DarkRooms for their high quality material, highly reflective lining, zippers that can stand up to anything and their exceptionally strong structures.  Plus they have plenty of ducting ports for all of your ventilation needs.

(shown is a DarkRoom II 150 - 5'x5'x6'7")

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