Friday, January 9, 2015

Special: Premium 3'x3' Grow Tent Set-Up

A month and a half ago we set up a 3'x3' Gorilla Grow Tent in our Nyack store to show that you can create any growing environment you want at any time of the year when gardening indoors.  Here we are in January, with full tomato development.  Here is our display:

3'x3'x7'11" Gorilla Grow Tent (with 12" height extension) fully outfitted.

Nano San Marzano tomatoes (Grown from seed - imported from Italy from Arthur Ave. in the Bronx)

Cluster of tomatoes, in January in NY!

The tomatoes are growing in Air-Pot #3's.  We usually wouldn't recommend growing tomatoes in anything smaller than a 5 gallon container because they could outgrow their containers and get root bound, however Air-Pots allow the roots to breathe and be air-pruned which gives you a larger, denser root system without the root spiraling.  Paired with Canna Coco (the growing medium we're using), plants can thrive in smaller containers.

Special: This entire premium set-up (brand new, not the items we used for our display) including all of the top-of-the-line, name-brand hardware you see here except for the Air-Pots: $1099.00 (20% savings)
Entire set-up, including Air-Pots, Saucers, 1 Bag of Canna Coco, Full line of 1 Liter Canna Coco Nutrients & Additives (Coco A+B, Cannazym, Rhizotonic, PK13/14, Cannaboost) : $1370.00
All Gorilla Grow Tents: 10% Off

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