Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Aquafarm - Countertop Aquaponics System

The Aquafarm by Back to the Roots is a great starter system for anyone interested in growing herbs and veggies in an aquaponic system.  Aquaponics is the practice of growing plants in water (hydroponics) but instead of adding nutrients to feed your plants, you have fish in the reservoir/aquarium and their waste feeds the plants (and the plants clean the water).  It is a self-cleaning, self-sustaining growing system.  The Aquafarm includes:

- 3 Gallon Aquarium/Reservoir
- 5 Growing Cups
- Air Pump
- Organic Seeds (Wheatgrass & Genovese Basil from Seeds of Change)
- Grow Stones Growing Media
- Gravel for the Bottom of the Tank
- All-Natural Fish Food & Fish Supplies
- Coupon for a Betta Fish from Petco

This system is perfect for your kitchen counter, classroom or apartment.  If you don't get sufficient light to grow plants, pair it with a Jumpstart 2' T5 Fluorescent system, which comes with a countertop stand and 2 ft. long 24W High Output T5 Fluorescent lighting fixture (also excellent for seed-starting indoors).  If using with your AquaFarm (or if your AquaFarm is in direct sunlight), make sure to use an aquatic backing on your tank to limit the amount of light your fish gets.

The Aquafarm is $59.95, and the Aquafarm and Jumpstart 2' Combo is $114.95.  Additional seed packets are $2.75.

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