Thursday, September 19, 2013

Intro to Canna's COCO Line - Special Offer

Canna's COCO growing medium and nutrient line is one of the most popular choices of our customers due to its ease of use, high quality and great results.  A lot of people are hesitant to try it, though, because coco is still a fairly new medium.  It's not soil, but it's not going to be used in a hydroponic recirculating system, so what is it?  Coco is basically the fibers from a coconut husk.  These fibers act as capillaries, or sponges, and absorb and store the water/nutrients you give them so your plants can take them as needed.  Salt from nutrients don't build up quickly like they do in soil, so flushing is rarely necessary.  You still put the coco in containers and top feed like you would with soil, but the growth of your plants is rapid like it is in hydroponics.  We always say, quality of soil, speed of hydroponics - Coco is the perfect "in-between" medium.  It's also not like soil where you use it once and you have to throw it away and buy more, you can reuse Coco up to three times.  
Not all Coco is created equal!  Canna Coco is the best of the best when it comes to the quality of the actual coco medium.  It is harvested from a private area, and it is the only RHP certified UN-STEAMED Coco substrate.  What that means is that it is 100% natural and comes with all of the naturally occurring species of beneficial fungi, specifically a species of trichoderma, an aggressive fungi that protects your roots from harmful bacteria and pathogens that can cause root rot.  You will not find that species in any other product because they cannot be exported when separated from their natural living environment.  All other RHP certified mediums steam their product which kills all of the beneficial microbes. 

Canna has done extensive research and they have designed a line of nutrients to work specifically with their Coco medium.  The base nutrient is a 2-part formula, Coco A and Coco B, that is used in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth (there aren't separate "Grow" and "Bloom" formulas).  Their 4-additive system is simple and easy to use, and provides all of the specific ingredients for different stages of growth.  It is a complete line that provides high yields and superior quality.

If you haven't yet, now is the time to try Coco.  All you have to do is grow a couple of plants using their line and you will see the difference.  We're offering an introductory package with everything you need to complete a full plant cycle (and still have plenty left over) including:

(2) 1 Gallon Premium Containers
(2) 5 Gallon Nursery Containers
(1) Bag of Canna Coco
1 Liter of Canna Coco A
1 Liter of Canna Coco B
1 Liter of Cannazym
1 Liter of Rhizotonic
1 Liter of PK 13/14
1 Liter of Cannaboost
Canna Coco Info Guide and Feeding Chart

Normal Retail Price: $303.67 / SPECIAL INTRO PRICE: $250.00 

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