Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back in Stock: Bloom/Yellow Bottle Silica

After having been backordered since August, Bloom (also known as Yellow Bottle and/or Advanced Floriculture) Silica is finally back in stock.  Potassium silicate plays an important role in your plants' structure and overall health, strengthening cell walls, creating thicker stems and branches and allowing your plants to naturally protect themselves against pests, disease, heat and drought.  Silica can also be used in place of pH Up, so not only will your plants be benefitting from the product itself, you will effectively be adjusting the pH of your water and nutrient solution.  With an NPK of 0-0-31.2, and 21% Silica, this is by far the strongest, most effective and most economical potassium silicate product on the market.  Compare with Advanced Nutrients' Rhinoskin (0-0-0.4 / 0.15% Silica), Dynagro's Pro-TeKt (0-0-3 / 7.8% Silica), Botanicare's Silica Blast (0-0-0.5 / 2% Silica) , even the new General Hydroponics' Armor Si (0-0-4 / 10% Silica) and Hydrodynamics' Silicate (0-0-5 / 11% Silica).

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