Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Grow Room is Bluelab Certified.

A few weeks ago, Cindy from Bluelab spent the day at both of our stores and gave us our Bluelab Certification. We love Bluelab and stand behind their products so it's great to be able to be even more helpful to you guys. Basically, what this means for you is:

- If you purchase a Bluelab meter and have trouble using it, we are fully trained and can help you with any problem or question you might have (which we would do before anyway...but now we just know even more about the products).

- If, for some strange reason, your Bluelab product starts malfunctioning (which is admittedly rare because they make the best meters), we are trained the same way their factory technicians have been so we can trouble-shoot it for you. If we can't get it to work and it is within the warranty period, we give you a new one. That's it. No more waiting for us to send it back to the distributor and then waiting to get an answer on whether or not you will be receiving credit. If we can't fix it, you get a new one.

- We also have access to their serial # database so even if you don't have your original receipt, we can check to see when your Bluelab product was manufactured and if it is still within the warranty period.

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