Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Discover the Secrets of CannaBoost

The question we get asked the most in our store is , "What is your best nutrient?" Admittedly, it is a very loaded question because nowadays there are so many products on the market and there are so many factors to keep in mind when deciding on a nutrient, like what growing medium you're using and what type of nutrient distribution system you have.

However when people ask what our favorite additives are, that is a lot easier of a question to answer. There are a few products on the market that, regardless of medium, system, plant type, etc., will show you proven results time and time again. One of our favorites (and our best-selling) is CannaBoost, a bloom-boosting additive made by Canna.

CannaBoost is one of those products where you get immediate gratification. You SEE the results, and quickly! When we first started selling Canna products, it was a hard sell. It is a little pricier (at $110/1L, $511/5L) compared to additives from the more mainstream nutrient companies, but you absolutely get what you pay for. The first customer I had try it came back one week after first adding it to his reservoir to buy a 5-Liter bottle (after previously questioning the price of the 1-Liter size). In the span of that week he had seen his crop practically triple in size. Another customer added it to his nutrient regimen beginning the 5th week of bloom through the end of his cycle and had a 20% increase in yield over a system that he didn't add it to.

The results from day-one were undeniable, but the real question was, "What is this stuff!?" The NPK rating is 0-1-1, so it's not a high-phosphorous, high-potassium product. The ingredients listed on the label are Monopotassium Phosphate and Sugar Cane Vinasse, which wouldn't typically create the type of dramatic increase in yield that most people see when using this product. So how does it work?

Canna just released a new section of their website to address just that question: Discover the Secrets of CannaBoost

Read the product information, watch the video that will be released on September 15th and enter to win free products on September 29th.

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